If you see a dog in a car on warm day and you think it is in distress

I'd really hope by now that everyone knows about dogs in cars in warm, not just hot weather if a dog's temperature goes above 40°C they run the real risk of organ failure. 

  • 10 minutes can see a 10°C increase in temperature
  • 20 minutes can see a 16°C increase in temperature
  • 30 minutes can see a 19°C increase in temperature
  • One hour can see a 23°C increase in temperature
  • Over one hour can see a 24 to 29°C increase in temperature

I know my 1st instinct would be to try and rescue a dog if I saw one in a car looking in distress but breaking into a car can be classed as criminal damage, even if you are doing it for the dog. 

The RSPCA says: "First, assess the dog's condition. If they're showing any signs of heatstroke dial 999 at once". "If the dog's condition is critical, and the police haven't arrived yet, your instinct will be to break into the car to free them. But please be aware that this could be classed as criminal damage. You may need to defend your actions in court, so please be sure you're doing the right thing" 

"Legally, you can commit damage if you believe the car owner would consent to it if they knew the dog was in danger. If you're sure you need to free the dog, tell the police what you intend to do and why" In those circumstances, advice is to take photos or videos of the dog. Are there any other witnesses? Take their names and telephone numbers.

I really hope that you are never in this position but if you ever are then please be aware of the legality of breaking into the car as there are so many mixed messages about this. 


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