Treasure Trails

Slapton Village, Ley, and the whole of the South Devon area are so beautiful so we thought it would be a bit of fun to create some treasure trails for all ages, not just children

We have two for Slapton Village and Ley as returning guests have asked us for a new one. There is one for Dartmouth which is a walking trail and another one for the surrounding area, villages, towns, and beaches. The last one has some sights you can see driving and some you will need to find by exploring on foot.

Each one has multiple pictures of locations, how many can you find?

All can be viewed on your mobile phone or print out before you come down.

Click here to open our Original Slapton Treasure Hunt

Click here to open our 2nd Slapton Treasure Hunt

New SlaptonTreasure Hunt

Click here to open our Dartmouth Treasure Hunt

Click here to open our South Devon Treasure Hunt